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Arguments for and against immediate public access to the 1921 Census Is the government right to prevent immediate public access to the 1921 Census under the 100 year rule?

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The immense social changes occurring in this period are sufficient to make 1921 seem like a lost world, even in 1951.For such enlightenment, at the very time when it is most sorely needed, the country has been unusually at a loss, since there are but few questions today upon which guidance can be sought of the last Census across the great gulf of War which lies between.It is thus with a full sense of the heavy and responsible burden of service which this Census will be called upon to render that the operations now completed have been planned and carried out.More detailed questions about education also allowed social policy to develop.The 1911 question about infirmity, however, was dropped, following the objections of parents giving out this sort information about their children.

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