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Part 2: Selected water-well records, chemical analyses, water-level measurements, lithologic logs, and geophysical logs. Download these Volumes from the MSA SC 6046 Collection Inventory page.

A description of the Volumes Series is found on the MSA SC 6046 Series 1 page.

(Available only on microfiche) Part 1: Third report on State highway construction; Part 2: Summary final report on the work of the highway division; Part 3: Report on the iron ores of Maryland; Part 4: Report on the lines of equal magnetic declination in Maryland for 1910.

(Available only on microfiche) Part 1: The geography of Maryland; Part 2: The surface and underground water resources of Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia.

The source documents (black and white Kodak paper prints) were produced by the U. Geological Survey from 1988-1989 National Aerial Photography Program (NAPP) photography and comply with National Map Accuracy Standards at ,000. Detailed documentation, compliant with federal metadata standards, is transferred in ASCII format with the files. (Geologic map also available separately; see MOUNT VERNON AND PISCATAWAY QUADRANGLE GEOLOGIC MAP.) 5 maps: 1. (Geologic map also available; see WESTMINSTER QUADRANGLE QUADRANGLE GEOLOGIC MAP.) 5 maps: 1. In 1990, the Division of Archeology was transferred from the Maryland Geological Survey. D., 1981 Note: Information in OFR 3 has been updated by OFR 8 (see below) and RI 49. The following publications are no longer available through Maryland Geological Survey . Although obsolete, the original data for OFR 3 are available for inspection at the Maryland Geological Survey Part One: Hydrogeologic framework and potential utilization of the brine aquifers of the Waste Gate Formation, a new unit of the Potomac Group underlying the Delmarva Peninsula.

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