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This is precisely what one Colorado baker’s now-infamous decision not to serve a gay couple cake has done in recent years.

But the offense this decision caused wasn’t just stirred up by Jack Phillips, the owner of “Masterpiece” Cakeshop, who denied a gay couple their wedding cake.

An MRI scan revealed Jeannie had a six-centimeter benign tumor that was growing around her brain stem.

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They’ve also been busy at work on attempting to obstruct the rights of transgender soldiers, too.Jeannie had a nine-hour surgery to remove a benign tumor the size of an apple that was wrapped around her brain stem in mid-April. Pictured: Jeannie with one of her children at home in May Jim Gaffigan is among the most popular stand-up comics in the country, and Jeannie Gaffigan both co-writes his material and produces his TV specials.Jeannie was also producer and writer on The Jim Gaffigan Show, her husband's sitcom that ran for two seasons that imitated the couple's real life, raising their five children (who range in age from four to 13).The influence of the ADF has also been felt abroad, in countries like Spain and Romania, where their lobbying against anti-discrimination bills tailored to LGBTQ individuals has held enough influence to make an impact.The ADF has even offered support to pass laws in certain countries that would call for mandatory sterilization of transgender individuals.

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